Splick.it Announces Catering

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As a restaurateur, you are very aware of the huge boost Catering can provide to your business. Catering offerings have the potential to become vital revenue generators that go beyond the in-restaurant dining experience for your customers. Without an efficient way to handle your Catering requests, however, things can get complicated quickly. Presenting: Catering from Splick.it Splick.it’s new Catering functionality creates a powerful union … Read More

Ryan TrauthSplick.it Announces Catering

Splick.it Announces Group Ordering

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Ever find yourself in one of those situations where you are trying to get together lunch for a meeting or a bunch of co-workers? Someone is always stuck having to pass around a phone or laptop to herd the cats. Even the most patient foodies can agree this makes for a less than ideal ordering experience. Ever think to yourself, … Read More

Ryan TrauthSplick.it Announces Group Ordering

Mobile strategies should align your customers’ needs with your business goals

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Read Original on QSR Web Mobile technology is a very hot topic in business and certainly within the restaurant industry, so having a comprehensive mobile strategy has become a very important initiative for most restaurants. It’s not always easy to figure out what the right mobile strategy is for a restaurant, there is a lot of confusing information out there … Read More

Anke CorbinMobile strategies should align your customers’ needs with your business goals