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  1. Jersey Mike’s featured in article for mobile app

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    jmhome2Jersey Mike’s was recently featured in an article on for their iPhone and Android apps, which include not only digital ordering but also loyalty program management, launched this past fall. is proud to have helped increase Jersey Mike’s sales through this innovative app. This ‘super app’ takes’s core technology for ordering, payments, and marketing tools, and integrated Jersey Mike’s custom POS system, their prefered payment vendor, and custom loyalty program. The app’s comprehensive loyalty program also allows users to check, manage, and redeem their points with just the touch of a button.

    In the article, Jersey Mike’s CMO Rich Hope says the company plans on experimenting with push notification offers and other promotions to encourage downloads. You can read the full article here.



  2. Selected as Finalist in Colorado Companies to Watch Award

    Leave a Comment is pleased to announce that this year, our company has been chosen as one of the finalists in Colorado Companies to Watch, an awards program honoring companies across the state of Colorado that demonstrate innovation, create quality jobs, and are fast growing.

    COCTW_PresentingSponsorThis prestigious program receives thousands of nominations every year and out of those, 106 companies are chosen to be finalists. Finalists are reviewed by a panel of judges that represent areas of economic development, entrepreneurship, banking, and small business, and are evaluated on past growth and projected success, evidence of fast or high growth in employment rates and revenue, as well as special strengths the company may have.

    The team is honored to have been nominated and chosen as a finalist as it is a testament to all of the hard work that we have been doing. Within the last eight months, our team has grown from twelve to twenty one employees, and we have partnered with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to bring effective nutrition programs to kids in need. In addition, continues to partner with industry leading restaurants such as Jersey Mike’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Pita Pit, East Coast Wings and Grill, and many more to provide online, tablet and mobile ordering and payment as well as innovative marketing and loyalty programs to grow their business.

    We want to thank everyone who has been a part of our growth, especially our hard-working team, awesome partners and supportive investors. The winners of Colorado Companies to Watch will be announced in late April so keep your fingers crossed!

  3. 10 Ways Mobile Payments are the Changing Face of Retail

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    JM car app

    Marketing for conventional retailers and restaurants is in a state of flux and is constantly changing. First it was all about social media and now mobile is the topic du jour. Companies are having to adjust their marketing strategies to adapt to changes in consumer behavior. Mobile is truly changing the game, especially related to commerce.

    Below are some of the latest mobile payment industry statistics for 2013 giving us insight into new consumer behaviors. When planning to market to your customers, keep these stats in mind, especially how mobile technology is affecting the changing face of retail and restaurants:


    91% of people in the world have a mobile phone (Source: Cisco, 2013)
    56% of people have a smartphone (Source: Cisco, 2013)
    50% of mobile phone users use their phone as their main internet source (Source: Cisco, 2013)
    80% of the time people spend on mobile phones is on apps
    72% of tablet owners purchase items online from their tablet each week (Source: Cisco, 2013)
    Retailers apps take up 27%, the most of consumers’ search time time daily deals at 13%. (Source: AdMedia Partners, 2013)
    People spend six times as much time using retailers’ apps when compared to a year earlier. (Source: Flurry, 2013)
    65% of U.S. shoppers research products and services on a PC and make a purchase. (Source: Cisco, 2013)
    48% of people would like to use a smartphone to shop while in-store. (Source: Cisco, 2013)

    The future of mobile marketing for retailers

    In the coming years, a lot of consumers will be using their mobile to make purchases, which necessitates new ordering and payment methods. Pizza Hut and Domino’s are already seeing over 50% of all orders on web and mobile. Once more mobile phones have implemented the necessary technology, retailers can target this by having a retail campaign aimed at nearby shoppers an SMS voucher or notifications to lure them into their business. This will inevitably change the way we interact with our customers.

    To get more information on mobile ordering and payment, contact us.

  4. Best practices for digital commerce on

    Leave a Comment SVP of Sales and Marketing Anke Corbin recently published an article on detailing the ins and outs of digital commerce best practices.

    Turns out it takes more than just a sound strategy and sharp execution.  Successful digital commerce starts with an organizational philosophy that each and every team member lives by.

    Learn more by reading the whole article here on

  5. Aviation: One on One with Co-Chairman Jeff Potter

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    Ever wonder why the former CEO of Frontier Airlines would join the team as an investor, co-chairman of the board and to manage the non-traditional business division? Imagine you’re running late to your flight, the lines at the restaurants are long and you don’t have enough time to grab something to eat. A bag of chips on board is probably not your idea of a good meal. What do you do?

    Jeff Potter addresses how is the perfect solution to this customer service challenge for consumers and the aviation industry.  Take a look at this short video to find out more.

    One on One with Co-Chairman Jeff Potter

  6. National Restaurant Association Survey Confirms the Value of Restaurant Ordering Mobile Apps

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    mobile-home-page-300x300A recent study by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) proves the growing value of mobile restaurant ordering apps. Consumers want to use their phones to order and pay for meals, and many restaurants are eager to catch up with the demand.

    To a large extent, the driving force behind these developments is a desire for speed and convenience. Customers want to avoid standing in line. Many have already started using technology based options and more would do so as soon as their favorite restaurants give them the chance. While there were some differences by age, mobile ordering and related capabilities are popular across the board. That is especially true for customers aged 18 to 34. For older customers, looking up nutritional information was reported as being particularly attractive. Naturally, the NRA adds that personalized customer service remains an essential component for success no matter what technology a restaurant uses.

    Major highlights of the study include:

    - 20% of all adults have placed takeout or delivery orders on smartphones or tablets in the past month. For people aged 18 to 34, that figure rises to 35%. The total that used any kind of restaurant technology such as looking up directions was 63%.
    - 70% of people aged 18 to 34 would take advantage of smartphone rewards and special deals programs. The same is true of 50% of customers of all ages.
    - When consumers ranked their priorities for new technology options, loyalty programs and ordering placed first and second. After that came booking reservations, seeking entertainment and making payments.
    - 48% of quick service restaurants say they are budgeting to spend more on mobile ordering and other customer technology this year. develops customized mobile apps and websites for your brand. Contact us to see how mobile apps and online ordering can deepen your relationship with your customers.

  7. Mobile Technology is Changing Behavior- Even How People Order and Pay at Restaurants

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    • Mobile ordering capabilities:What is better than having the ability to order your meal before you step foot in the restaurant? This means faster service and more time enjoying good conversation and a pleasant restaurant atmosphere. Waiting in lines is not a good brand experience. For quick order establishments such as the corner deli or pizza shop, mobile ordering is especially helpful, it enables the restaurant staff to have orders paid for and ready for pick up when the consumer arrives.


    • Easy checkout: This app feature allows the customer to pay with their mobile phone, an iPad or other handheld device right from the table. This allows the customer to pay for a meal more quickly and provides the customer with convenience on their schedule. Credit card fraud in restaurants most commonly occurs during the process of payment, from the time the waiter takes the customers card until it is swiped and returned to the table. This type of payment eliminates unnecessary consumer and restaurant payment risks.


    • Loyalty and Rewards: Games, badges, offers and prizes offered by your restaurant app can engage the customer and reward them for their participation. These apps are also a powerful business intelligence gathering tool. Consumer behavior tracking is incorporated within the system and can include order frequency and the average dollars spent on a single ticket. Customers can also earn credit by sharing your restaurant app and information on social media such as Facebook.


    • Flexible payment options: When offering mobile payment solutions, diners can be given the opportunity for various payment options. For instance, some restaurants offer pre-pay via credit card and payment through systems like Paypal. Paypal is a trusted and secure payment system many individuals use everyday. By providing customers with versatile payment options, the potential for sales increases.


    For more information on mobile dining solutions combined with usable business intelligence gathering systems,contact our team of experts at Splick.It. We offer mobile and online solutions for the restaurateur such as online ordering and payment, and customer loyalty and marketing to engage your customers.

  8. Splick-it To Power Web and Mobile Restaurant Apps Supporting Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign

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    Splick-it, Inc. is pleased to announce the inking of a deal to sponsor and be a technology partner with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign to build a customized “Order Food, End Hunger” web and mobile application for its thousands of restaurant and hundreds of thousands of consumer supporters.

    The goal of the program is to make it easy for people to get involved in the important work being done by the No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in America. By simply using the app to purchase food and round up their bill to make a charitable contribution, restaurant diners can play a part in making sure no child in America grows up hungry.

    “We’ve been a long-time proponent of the restaurant industry joining forces to end childhood hunger in the U.S.,” says Rob Taylor, co-founder of Splick-it. “By participating in the Order Food, End Hunger app, the industry is adding another meaningful component to their charitable support of efforts to reduce childhood hunger.  Each time someone rounds up to the nearest dollar or adds a dollar to their tab, the No Kid Hungry campaign is able to connect more children with the food they need to learn and grow. “

    “The restaurant industry continues to play an unprecedented role in our work to end childhood hunger in America, and the Order Food, End Hunger app is another tool this community can use in its united efforts to make No Kid Hungry a reality,” says Tom Nelson, President of Share Our Strength. “This is great way for people to feel involved and do their part, simply by ordering food. We are encouraged by Splick-it’s commitment to No Kid Hungry and this opportunity to grow support and interest in our work.”

    The aggregator No Kid Hungry app and website will launch in November. Participating restaurants are invited to use Splick-it to aid and increase their promotion contributions, no matter which POS systems or mobile and web platforms they currently use. Splick-it’s flexible ordering platform will make it easy for restaurants and consumers to get involved in efforts to end childhood hunger in America.

    About Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® Campaign

    No child should grow up hungry in America, but one in five children struggles with hunger. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® campaign is ending childhood hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day. The No Kid Hungry campaign connects kids in need to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals and teaches low-income families to cook healthy, affordable meals through Cooking Matters. This work is accomplished through the No Kids Hungry network, made up of private citizens, public officials, nonprofits, business leaders and others providing innovative hunger solutions in their communities. Join us at

    Restaurants interested in learning more about using Splick-it to support their No Kid Hungry campaign commitments should contact Anke Corbin at 760-707-8202 for more information.

  9. The Mobile Life

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    With Apple breaking records and selling over 9 million new iPhones this weekend, , there continues to be no doubt that smartphones play an important role in our lives.

    Our Mobile Life Infographic paints an insightful story about us: our culture, our behavior, what’s important to us, and how we spend our time and money.  There is a  ton of interesting information about how people use their smartphones, so we decided to have a little fun.

    We took some of the more interesting stats from leading mobile industry researchers and Splick-it user data and laid it out in a highly visual way to showcase how people use their mobile phones in their everyday life.

    It may surprise you, as it did us, that 12% of smart phone owners use their phones in the shower; we’re not really sure how or why they do that.  But, what’s not surprising is how smartphones make us feel and how important they are to us.

    Many of us feel uncomfortable if we don’t have our smartphone to look at when we’re commuting or just about any time of the day. Our phones connect us to our social and business life 24/7 and impact every part of our lives in some way, which can be both good and bad.

    The restaurant industry is no exception. Smartphones are changing human behavior faster than any other technology in history.  They have quickly become the technology of choice for searching for, ordering from and connecting with restaurants.

    We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our Mobile Life and we look forward to sharing more with you in the near future.

  10. Addition of Rock Star Execs takes Splick-it’s Board to New Heights

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    Former Ball Corporation and Frontier Airlines CEOs join Splick-it

    Boulder, CO – Splick-it, Inc. ( is pleased to welcome a trio of new board members to the team. First, Dave Hoover, the former CEO and current board member of Ball Corporation, has joined the Splick-it board.

    Splick-it also heartily welcomes Jeff Potter, the former CEO of Frontier Airlines and Exclusive Resorts. Potter will co-chair the board along with current chairman and founder Rob Taylor. Potter will take an active role in the company to expand into new markets and develop high-level business partnerships.

    “I’ve been tracking Splick-it for some time. I use the app regularly to order and really believe in the product, vision and huge market opportunity,” Potter says. “Deciding to join the team as co-chair of the board and lending a hand with business development was an easy decision to make.”

    Splick-it’s new President and CEO Vijay Bangaru will also join the board of directors. Bangaru brings his technical expertise to the team, having held a senior management position at AOL/MapQuest as well as technology and product leadership positions at Google and Microsoft.

    “Splick-it is taking off.  We have an experienced and active board of directors that believes in what we’re doing, a talented and growing team executing on our vision, and strong and supportive customers. Our product continues to expand and grow to better meet the restaurant industry’s needs,” says Vijay Bangaru.

    Restaurant industry icon Wally Doolin rounds out the Splick-it board of directors. Wally is the former CEO of Carlson Restaurants and TGI Fridays. He is currently the Chairman of Black Box Intelligence and People Report as well as a trustee of the National Restaurant Association. Doolin also sits on the boards of Famous Dave’s, Phasenext Hospitality and Share Our Strength.

    All of the board members are also investors in Splick-it and will be actively involved in setting strategy, developing new partnerships and making high-level business decisions.

    About Splick-it

    Splick-it ( Splick-it is a leading restaurant solution platform that provides branded and hosted mobile, tablet and online ordering- payment-loyalty programs, a multi-level gamification engine, analytics and sophisticated marketing tools as well as a distribution network of consumer applications that aggregate restaurants and reach large audiences. Splick-it offers a premium client experience and provides excellent customer support, marketing services and account management to help restaurants grow their business.