Leveraging Analytics For More Strategic Marketing Campaigns

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The world of mobile and online ordering is ripe with businesses looking to claim a stake in the crowded restaurant industry. Budgets, companies’ sizes, and niches may vary but their unflinching (and often contagious) optimism pervades the scene. Optimism alone, however, does not guarantee a significant ROI for your mobile investment. How can you make sure that your mobile strategy is … Read More

Ryan TrauthLeveraging Analytics For More Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Use Employees As Your Brand Ambassadors

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Developing a branded mobile-ordering app is a must for restaurants looking to excel in the competitive restaurant industry. Especially for millennials, mobile phones are how they connect to brands. Apps drive revenue, open up potential for new marketing initiatives, generate behavioral and sales data to measure effectiveness of initiatives, and satisfy customers’ expectation for instantaneous gratification. An app will augment restaurant operations, but … Read More

Ryan TrauthUse Employees As Your Brand Ambassadors